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Adventure Centre


 At Blueberrys Adventure Centre we believe that learning should be fun.

We run a variety of classes that are held in a safe enclosed paddock with access to off road parking.

There is plenty for your dog to explore, from a variety of sensory plants specifically chosen for canines; a Splash Pool to cool off at the end of a session or to introduce your dog to water in a safe, controlled environment; a variety of animals for them to meet including, cats, horses, goats & sheep.

We also have a range of Agility equipment which is used to encourage training through fun.

Rally & Parkour is also used as part of the training programs so both you & your dog can enjoy yourselves while learning.

For our younger canine members there is access to cover should the weather decide to be uncivilised!

  • Safe , Secure Paddock.

  • Fresh water available.

  • Space to Social Distance.

  • Access to cover for puppies if needed.

  • Off road parking.

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