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Why groom your dog?


Some dogs need more grooming than others, in particular the longer haired breeds, but regular grooming is beneficial to all dogs:       

  • To prevent knots and tangles that can become painful for the dog.

  • To keep the coat at a manageble length by clipping, stripping or scissoring also helping the dog to stay cool in hot weather.

  • To help detect and prevent skin disorders and infestations.

  • To help detect and prevent ear infections - long hair in the ear canal can trap dirt and stop air circulating in the ear causing infection.

  • To check for lumps and bumps that may need veterinary attention.

  • To keep the nails short and comfortable for the dog and prevent them from growing back into the pads in extreme cases.

  • To keep the hair between the pads short and check that no dirt or seeds are trapped causing infection and that there are no cuts or bruises.

  • To check that  teeth and gums are healthy.

  • To check there are no nasty smells or discomfort around the anus that may indicate a problem with the glands.

  • To enjoy spending time together, get your dog used to being handled and form a strong bond between you.

This little dog was so matted he had to have a total clip off. If the coat gets too matted the groomer will have no choice as the welfare of the dog is paramount.

Grass seeds can often be found between the dogs toes. If left they can work there way into the skin & travel, often causing infection & open wounds. The other thing to watch out for are hard knots consisting of dirt & hair between the pads on the feet.

A good way to remove both of the above is by gently using a flea comb to tease them out or a tiny pair of scissors to snip the hard 'lumps' away but great care is needed.

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